Thursday, 18 February 2010

Girl Power

CatTICA Valentine's Show:
Congratulations to all the Siberians and their breeders/owners!
It was great to see more then one Sibi making it through to the finals,
and very rewarding to hear Judges comments on quality of Siberian Cats in the UK.

Girl Power:
Great result for our rising star, Musrafy Anfisa:
Best AB Kitten
Best LH Kitten
3rd AB Kitten
3rd AB Kitten
5th AB Kitten
5th LH Kitten
6th AB Kitten
7th AB Kitten
9th AB Kitten
9th AB Kitten

Well Done Girl!


  1. Anfissa - your Uncle Altai is SO very proud of you - way to go for the Silvers - and see you in a few weeks - when we fully intend to catnap you!!!

  2. Well done Anfisa! You deserve all those finals :-)

    Xx M

  3. Maria she is stunning and looks so much like Altai, well done she is gorgeous x

  4. Beautiful girl! Congratulations! :)

    Denise x

  5. She is a very clever girl, well done :-) I think Akiro has fallen in love xxx