Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Siberian Special Fife Show, December 2010

It was nice to see so many beautiful Siberians, and in all different colours.
It was noticeable that majority of exhibits had very good coat texture,
something that we rarely see at TICA shows in the UK.

I am glad to report that Best Siberian trophy remains in our cattery for another year.
It has sentimental value this time, as it was won by a cat who came all the way from Siberia.

Buslay BIV, BIS Siberian Male, BIS Siberian Exhibit
Alisa BIV, BIS Siberian Junior
Martona, 3-6, Ex1, lost BIV to Buslay
Laska BIV, BIS Female (Category 2, SLH)
Aurelius, 6-10, Ex1, lost BIV due to his chin being to strong, to Fife standards.

Congratulations to Denise and Lynne on your wins in other categories,
and very good luck in the forthcoming shows with that cheeky golden baby! X


  1. Fabulous to see the photos - and congratulations on a wonderful day (again!!!) at the Siberian Special. Cali sends 'big hugs' to her Daddy Buslay - and say's he's 'very clever'!!

    Again - very well done - :)

    Lesley x