Sunday, 13 February 2011

Bailey & Blue

I went to see Lorraine's "Solids" today.
I was amazed to see that neither of them showed
any variants of their colour throughout their whole body.
Bailey is Blue's older brother.
He is raven-Black+White locket,with Siberian coat texture,
and amazing shine to his coat.

Blue is only 3,5 months old.
Her colour is identical to Russian Blue,
and changes in accordance to surrounding lighting.

I look forward to see the devopment of this kitten,
and especially her colour.


  1. Lovely to see them - and Blue - she is such a great colour - will hope to see more of her soon!

  2. I know...You ought to see these two.
    Their colour/shade/tone is the same throughout, whether it's undercoat, guard hairs, tummy, back or tail - same everywhere, not a single hair in different tone...looks striking, and certainly very unusual, compare to my favourite Tabbies :)

  3. The blue is wonderful - but the black - is very tempting - I like these colours :))