Saturday, 6 August 2011


Here are couple of recent images of Kusik .
Photos were taken at 9 months of age, when Kusik was 6.1 kg.
Having rather "traditional" phoeno and genotype, he will take long time to fully mature.
He is still with his foster parents in Holland, but will be arriving in the UK soonish :)
I would like to thank his step mum and dad for taking such a good care of him.


  1. Love his look Maria. He's fabulous! I met his brother in Moscow who is also lovely but Kusik has a wilder look.

  2. WOW! hasn't he grown! And a very handsome chap :-)

  3. Tnx!
    Yep, very traditional look.
    Perhaps not everyone's cup of tea, but perfect for my breeding programme.

  4. Looks like you have lots of plans for the future. Will be very interesting to follow your progress. Wonderful boy Maria. I like his look very much. :-)

  5. Lovely boy - looking forward to seeing his kittens x

  6. He's growing so well, and you know that I love him - he's traditional - which I think is going to prove excellent for your future breeding program. I'm looking forward to seeing him once he arrives - xx