Sunday, 23 October 2011

Top kitten

A pleasant surprise:
According to the official show results, little Yana was Top Kitten at the last TICA show.
She has done very well, and I expected her to be in the top 5. However clever girl made us proud by becoming Best kitten in the show (over 2 days).
She follows her grandmother Asya's (who is no longer with us)pawsteps. Asya did exceptionally well as a kitten, winning Best Kitten on several occasions, including overall Best Siberian at the Sibi Special at the age of 4 months.
And not forgetting Yana's mum beautiful Anfisa, 2008/9 Regional Winner.


  1. Congratulations Yana.
    Well done Maria. Look forward to seeing her :)

  2. Congratulations to Yana. She is gorgeous - and she did so well at the show. Her mother is gorgeous of course and yes, Asya was a lovely girl, who was very special.

    Look forward to seeing Yana again soon :)

  3. Thank you!
    We could have been lucky with the judges,
    there are very nice kittens around, so it will be tough.

  4. Super Siberian Girl and Congratulations, she deserves every final :-) and you do too for all your hard work and breeding beautiful Siberians. What a super start to her show career and following in her mum's and grandmother's pawsteps x