Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Treshka and Kisiandra

These two young ladies are Iriska's daughters.
They are staying in the cattery for further assessment.
Their Red tabby + White brother Rizhik has now gone to a fellow breeder.
The others have found their forever homes too.

Iriska will be going back to St.Petersburg sometime in January.


  1. Gosh - they are growing!!! Love the colours - and these girls are so exciting - I think they are super for the Breeding Program. I'll be watching their progress.

    Sad that Iriska is going back to St Petersburg - but her 'family' there, I know, are keen to have her with them. Her lines stay here - and look what she has done for the UK Siberians. SO exciting.

    This is a new chapter - and one in which I'm glad I've got some involvement :)

  2. They are both looking really great Maria. It seems this has been a really successful project. It is really great that you have been able to add a totally new bloodline to the breed. This is really an excellent achievement and for them to be so typey too is just incredible. Well done and congratulations.
    It is great that the red and White boy has also gone for breeding, further extending the gene pool with his future kittens.
    Not many breeders have the knowhow, contacts and bravery to bring in a new bloodline as you have done. Well done Musrafy, you have made a big contribution to the future successs of the breed. Xx

  3. Well done Maria. Stunning kittens and a new bloodline to boot. What more could you ask for. Congratulations and the very best of luck with your breeding program :)

  4. Thanks guys!
    There are few things that still could be improved. I am planning to make F3's available for breeding. That will give me enough time to learn how this line develops and see whether there are any health issues. X