Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Here's Innokentii,
my new 7 months old boy, who recently arrived from St.Petersburg.
Kesha has unknown ancestry, thus he will be presented to Approved Allbreed judges and geneticists for certification.
If unanimous decision will be reached confirming Siberian phenotype, he will be health checked/tested and introduced to my breeding programme (if he will agree to it :)


  1. Great to see him here safely Maria. And isn't he looking great! Such a big boy for just 7 months! I'm sure the judges will love him and he will get the certification he needs. Congrats on another great addition. I'm sure he will be great for your program and it is wonderful to see completely new lines like this in the genepool. xx

  2. Tnx,
    He is not as huge as my other two boys.
    But I thing he looks reasonable for the 03T.
    And looks like he is an early developer:)