Wednesday, 6 June 2012

News from Australia

Innokentii has received a long awaited news.
RW SCG Tavolga Sibaris of Snowgum
who has been mated before she immigrated to Australia,
gave birth to 8 healthy babies.

Innokentii is a foundation cat from St. Petersburg with
unknown pedigree.
His first litter in the UK is looking very promising and includes
both Classic and Spotted tabby kittens (some with white).
I knew that he carries Classic, as I saw his sister.
I was also hoping that he might carry wild Golden gene,
as he is rather pale Brown colour himself.
And Yes, we do have one wild Golden kitten in the UK,
and possibly in Australia too.
This colour differs from the Apricot/Copper Gold,
as its a lot lighter in shade, but with Black ticking on guard hairs
and Black pigment on nose and paw pads.
(Apricot/Copper Gold usually looses the ticking, thus people often mistake it for Ginger,
they are also born with pink paw pads and almost always lack pigment on lips and nose)
The wild or natural Golden's colour is not as vibrant, but rather camouflagey looking,
and often retains some grey undercoat.
When Innokentii was presented to the panel of Judges for certification,
they all paid attention to his undercoat. They explained that being a natural breed
he had to have specific distribution of colours and must have grey shade by the roots.

I will upload more kitten photos soon.
Below is Innokentii and his first born son.


  1. Love his firstborn! Very handsome chunky guy! His 8 half-siblings all say g'day from Down Under! xx

  2. Very handsome little guy and congratulations of Kesha and to Meadow on their babies x

  3. Thank you.
    Hope Melanie will have a good kitten or two to keep the line going.
    Look foraward to some photos.