Monday, 2 July 2012

F1 girl and her dad

This Spotted girl is from Innokentii's first litter.
I am considering keeping her and introducing to my breeding programme.
Her father is the foundation cat from St.Petersburg
 who was brought to the UK to add diversity to my lines.
I am looking forward to see how his UK and Australian litters will develop
and hope to be able to offer F2s or F3s to the UK fellow breeders.

And here is her dad:

Kesha is of medium size, with correct confirmation and substance.
He has nice top of head with good ear set and gentle expression of green eyes.
 He has very good texture of Semi-long haired warm brown tripple coat.


  1. So cute! Her pattern is so defined and I love her lynx tips! Her half-siblings all send their love! xx

  2. Thanks guys.
    All of the kittens have defined pattern. Spotty ones look like little leopards.

  3. Kits are looking cute, like little tigers :-) they look as naughty as Marishka too! Dad is looking very handsome and he knows it!!

  4. Very nice babies - and isn't Daddy looking very proud. He's a nice boy - remember when he was tiny? WOW - he's grown into a handsome guy. Congratulations - its lovely to see the development of this new line.