Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Back from Russia

We have just returned from a pleasently warm St Petersburg
 (temperatures varied from +25C to +35C).

I was very pleased to see Iriska who returned back home 6 months ago and looked absolutely amazing despite warm weather and her being still entire (photo below).

Before my trip I have made a decision not to obtain any foundation cats this year.
With great difficulties I managed to avoid the temptation...


I would like to introduce Holodecz, a beautiful Black Silver Classic Tabby and White boy.
Holodecz and another pretty lady will be joining us in the UK shortly.
Both have exceptional pedigrees with countless titled cats from Central
and far - Eastern parts of Russia.

He is a very special boy and I hope he will make many new friends in the UK.
I am planning to show him at the TICA shows later this year.




  1. He will be a super addition to your breeding programme and who could resist him :-) Marishka says "Hi" to her mum and sends kisses xx

  2. Lovely to see Holodecz and also Iriska - she's looking good! Rizhik says hi xx

  3. Thanks guys.
    Iriska said "hi" to her babies too :)