Friday, 14 December 2012

Happy New Year

I would like to wish a Happy 2013 to everybody.
I had extremely busy 2012 and would like to apologise for
not updating my website and blog as frequently.
Also for the delays in responding to emails.

Having moved to new house in October, we have only
recently managed to sort out our Internet connection.
I have lost numerous emails in the process,
therefore would like to ask kittens owners awaiting their
 kitten's registrations to contact me again.

We are expecting exciting 2013 here at Musrafy:
We will have first litters of Kurilian Bobtails born in the UK.
We will also be welcoming new Siberian Male arriving from Russia.

Outcrossing to the Foundation Russian cats in 2012 have proved successful and
I will be welcoming new litters of F2s in the New Year.
Please note I am unable to offer any allergy testing sessions.
Contact me on
for further information
or telephone 07932035429
For Allergy sessions please contact my friend Inga


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