Monday, 25 March 2013


This is our Regional Winner Anfisa.
She is a Black Silver Shaded Siberian, who was born with a Classic pattern which completely faded away by 8 months of age.
Anfisa has emerald eyes, cobby body and extremely heavy boning for a girl.
She is the most affectionate cat in the household (apart from her daughter Yanara).
This trait is hereditary and comes from her Great Great Grand Mother Rossity Lubushka.
It has now been passed on to 2 further generations, just as her bad habit of self grooming.
When she decides that her coat becomes too long, she simply pulls it out. Her Grand and Great Grand Dads Cimus, and Odissey did exactly the same, so as her daughter Yanara.
This makes it impossible to show either of them as you never know when they will decide to strip themselves.


  1. ...interesting she was born classic. In the early breeding of black tipped/chinchilla shaded BSH and persians it is thought that the pattern derived from the classic tabbys. It will be interesting to see how this develops in the Siberian. I have a red silver shaded, born a mack tabby who at 9 months has no tabby markings and rivals my chinchilla BLH for tipping!

  2. Red silvers are so pale, they are often mistaken with creams as you could hardly see anything on them.

  3. Hello Anfisa - lovely to see you - and your boy Sharik sends his hugely loud purrs!