Saturday, 23 January 2016

Fabulous start to 2016

Musrafy Shishka, a young adult female and Musrafy Goldstream, a 5 months old boy attended The 2016 PARIS ANIMAL SHOW. It was a huge event held in Paris Expo with over 500 top feline entries and hundreds-thousands of spectators. Around 40 Siberians were in competition and it was very nice to see them and their breeders/owners, make new and meet old friends.
My cats were judged in all three systems : FIFE, TICA & LOOF.
The results exceeded all my expectations:

Musrafy Goldstream
  • 6 TICA finals (all in Top 5 Allbreed)
  • Best in Show FIFE both days
  • Best in Show LOOF
  • Best in Show kitten SIBERIAN SPECIAL
Musrafy Shishka
  • 3 TICA finals (all in top 3 Allbreed)
  • Best in Show FIFE, overall Best FIFE, Royal Canin Trophy, Champion of France
  • Best in Show LOOF
  • Best in Show female SIBERIAN SPECIAL

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